Appointment Policy

Attendance policy for failed or short notice appointment cancellations

To keep our prices to a reasonable level it is necessary for the fixed running cost of the practice to be met. This requires the dental surgeons and their surgeries running to maximum efficiency. For these reasons we have in place a non attendance policy and a short notice cancellations policy.

This is for patients who fail to attend, or cancel their appointment with the dentist without giving 24 hours notice.

We now request patients give 48 hours notice to change a hygienist appointment to allow us time to offer the appointment to another patient. We view Hygienist work as very important in the prevention of dental disease.

As with both Dentist and Hygienist all efforts will be made to fill the appointment time with another patient so the cancellation fee can be waived. This cannot however be guaranteed or relied on.

We therefore reserve the right to charge £25 for every 15 minutes of unfilled appointment time; and the right to charge a deposit for future appointments which will be deducted from the treatment cost on attendance of the appointment.

All charges will be made on instruction from and at the discretion of your Dentist.